Which is more effective niche edits, guest posts, or editorial links? Are they risky to use?

Due to the ever-evolving innovations, the digital field keeps on changing dramatically. Within a very short time, what you thought you knew might be a big garbage bag. All acronyms created since the first .com landing have evolved, which shows how quickly the industry moves. It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing marketing techniques, but living and breathing SEO marketing knowledge are necessary for you to remain relevant.


Why do you need link building?

Building links helps improve the quality of your website. Niche edits, editorial links, and guest posts are some of the link building techniques that boost your search ranking on Google’s search engines.

You not only need to understand the three marketing strategies individually but also note the differences. Knowing how they operate will help you choose one suitable for your website ranking and promote site visibility. To get you through this task, let’s dive right into understanding the meaning and differences between niche edits, guest posts, and editorial links.

1. What is guest posting?

Guest posting is also known as guest blogging, which means publishing content on another website to create exposure, authority, relationship, and, more importantly, to get backlinks that help your site ranking on search engines.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it requires a little more effort than that because you have to find credible blogs that have massive traffic in your niche and reach out to them with an offer to publish a post on the site.

After getting approval from the hosting site, you will need to come up with a blog that meets their requirements. The key advantage of guest blogging is that you are at liberty to use your target keywords in your content’s title and body.

Most authoritative bloggers say yes to top-notch content because it helps keep current and prospective readers engaged. As for the guest blogger, you reap new readers and an increased high-quality link that can increase your site ranking.


2. What is Niche Edits?

Niche edits is a link building method where you insert a link in an article that is already existing, unlike guest posting, which requires a new article. It also involves finding a blog that relates to your niche. You have that the post you choose is relevant to your target keywords.

Today, niche edits are an extremely popular marketing strategy that provides backlinks from existing authoritative sites. If your content is relevant, you have a higher chance of getting immediate results than guest posting. It also easier to get niche edits than getting a slot for guest posting. Most webmasters are more inclined to accept a few edits on their existing posts since it doesn’t include adding your article to their site.


3. What are Editorial Links?

Editorial links are high quality backlinking that results from good marketing technique and content. They are acquired as a source of information where you cite authoritative websites. They are likely the most powerful SEO tool because they show the relevance of your content.

Since editorial links convey legitimacy and authority; they are widely sought out by professional SEO because they come from reputable and niche-focused websites.
Editorial links can be obtained naturally by providing relevant and informative content, but you can buy them from a link building agency.



The truth is that there is no definite answer to the best, most effective SEO marketing strategy. You only need to choose a strategy that works best to meet your marketing goals.

Sony vs. Bose – Whos got the better headphones?

Sony vs. Bose

People that are fans of high-quality headphones will have many options, but people that are lovers of crisp and clear sounds will typically narrow down the options to only a couple of headphones from Sony and Bose. This is where high-quality sound has been defined for years, and it still becomes a debate that many people have when they look at all of the high quality options that are available.

Sony wh-1000xm3

What people essentially see with a company like Bose is the sound quality that has always been associated with this name. It is true that it is a leader in quality, but Sony has been able to compete quite successfully as well when it comes to at headphones. What may be a drawing factor is noise reduction. If this is used on headphones more you may find yourself embracing what Sony has to offer. Battery life is going to be much longer with the Sony headphones because the battery life increases by as much as 10 hours when this noise reduction is being utilized. If you are using the Bose headphones you are going to have less battery life for your noise reduction efforts. That is something that people have to pay attention to when they want these types of high-quality headphones.

Price is Neck and Neck

If you are looking for a big difference between the price of these headphones from Sony and Bose you are not going to find one. The price difference is literally less than a dollar. You are pinching pennies if you are focused on the price as a determining factor for what headphones you will purchase. You can expect to pay over $300 for both. With taxes these are going to be headphones that are closer to $400. More information can be found here.

Sound Quality of the Bose quietcomfort 35 II vs sony wh-1000xm3

What headphone consumers put a lot of interest in is sound quality. That is where the real questions come into play. People want to know if they are going to get a crisp clear sound from these headphone retailers. The answer on both fronts is yes. There is going to be high quality sound in both arenas because both Sony and Bose have been known for creating high-quality over the years. These are companies that have majored in producing a crisp sound that is distinct from other headphones.

The soundguys did an incredible comparison

Both of these vendors you are going to get the high-quality bass and trouble sounds. You’re going to hear every drum and its fullness. Pianos are going to sound vibrant. The vocals are going to be excellent. All of this is part of the sound you are paying for when you buy headphones at this price. The only other difference that may be noticeable is the amount of options that are available when it comes to colors. With Sony you are going to find more options if you’re looking for colorful headphones. Bose is not going to give you the same options. You’re going to be looking at something that is much more standard.

5 Awesome Gadgets for Your Kids

The advancements in technology have touched the lives of everyone, no matter which age they belong to. This also holds true for kids, who now want the best in technology even in their toys.

The rapid inventions and upgrades also mean that a gadget that worked for kids a few months ago would now be considered a fad (looking at you, hoverboards). This makes it essential to know about the latest inventions, so you could earn those much needed brownie points with your kids when you buy these gadgets for them.

To help you with that feat, here is a list of 5 awesome gadgets that wouldn’t only make your kids happy, but will also score you some coolness points just for having the sense to buy them.

1. Kidizoom Smartwatch

Remember how colorful kid watches were all the rage back in the day? They still are, but with a very technological twist to them.

The Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 packs all the essentials in technology into one fun-filled, bright colored wristwatch. All in all, it is the perfect “kids version” to the everyday smartwatch.

Available in 6 basic colors with 2 strap design variations, the watch packs 2 cameras for selfies and videos. With that, it also comes equipped with kid friendly games, so your little tyke is never board while also learning fun things on the way.

2. Kidizoom Action Camera

Another offering by Vtech, the Kidizoom Action Cam, is designed to be the perfect first camera for aspiring videographers.

With a 1.4” color LCD screen, the camera is able to take videos and pictures with ease – including stop motion videos. Available in 3 kid-friendly colors, the camera also comes with a waterproof case that allows it to be submerged under 6 feet of water.

With that, it also comes packed with 3 fun games, so your little cinematographer can take a break between their hectic shoots. Photos and videos can be transferred to a computer using a micro-USB cable. Read a full review on the kidizoom action camera.

3. Drones for Kids

Drones are to these modern children what toy helicopters were to yesteryear’s kids. They contain a thrill like no other, can heighten the imagination, and help kids explore their aspirations in a fun and joyous way.

Kid friendly drones come in various styles, but they all follow safety practices so your pilot-to-be isn’t hurting themselves or anyone else. They also come with added durability to cater to the whims of novice pilots.

With that, they also allow kids to understand the mechanics of flying machines, which adds to the coolness factor of owning a drone.

4. Coding Robots

As one of the most highly sought after educational toys, coding robots are gaining immense popularity among children and parents alike.

These nifty and futuristic-looking gadgets can process and teach coding commands to kids, so that they are equipped for the challenges of the future from an early age.

The toys are immensely fun to look at, very joyous to play with, and an incredible source of information to learn from. If your kid is interested in robots and if you are interested in educating them, then these robots are the way to go.

5. Scribble and Coloring Tablets

Thanks to the advancements in technology, tablets are a staple for kids of the modern world. The need for education apps and the demand for entertainment videos make a tablet a must have for any young individual.

But taking that tablet game one step ahead are scribble and coloring tablets. As an upgraded version of the classic Etch a Sketch toy, these tablets allow your children to explore their art to their heart’s content.

With virtually unlimited usage and the option to save their work in some models, your children could have the perfect canvas to use as their creative outlet.

Whether you want to surprise your kid on their birthday or want to reward them over the summer for getting good grades, these gadgets will certainly be helpful.

Why Try The Electric Bikes by General Motors

Are you considering to have your own bike and help the environment? There is a need for people to decrease their carbon footprint. And what if you can get a really good electric bike these days? Not only can you help save the environment, but you can also have an easier time traveling.

General Motors is now trying to enter the market of making electric bikes. They are going to make a compact and a foldable versions. GM has decided to make a new brand called ARIV. The foldable bike is called Merge while the compact bike is going to be called Meld.

Why is it so special? General Motors announced that it has involved “automotive-grade capabilities” on their bikes. This means that you can expect that the electric bikes make use of technology that can help give you better speed. For the motor used on these bikes, you can run up to 25 kilometers per hour and it also has four different pedal assisted power that you can choose from. The bikes have been made in different facilities in Michigan, Ontario, and Oshawa. There are also a number of safety components that have been integrated to bring peace of mind to its users. You get LED safety lights and large brake rotors to give the user extra stopping power when he or she needs one.

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