Are you considering to have your own bike and help the environment? There is a need for people to decrease their carbon footprint. And what if you can get a really good electric bike these days? Not only can you help save the environment, but you can also have an easier time traveling.

General Motors is now trying to enter the market of making electric bikes. They are going to make a compact and a foldable versions. GM has decided to make a new brand called ARIV. The foldable bike is called Merge while the compact bike is going to be called Meld.

Why is it so special? General Motors announced that it has involved “automotive-grade capabilities” on their bikes. This means that you can expect that the electric bikes make use of technology that can help give you better speed. For the motor used on these bikes, you can run up to 25 kilometers per hour and it also has four different pedal assisted power that you can choose from. The bikes have been made in different facilities in Michigan, Ontario, and Oshawa. There are also a number of safety components that have been integrated to bring peace of mind to its users. You get LED safety lights and large brake rotors to give the user extra stopping power when he or she needs one.